Artificial Grass in Reno for Dogs and Pet-Friendly Spaces

You love your pets, and we love them, too! Give your furry best friend a healthier outdoor living space with artificial grass in Reno, protecting your pet without worrying about muddy paws, fleas, ticks, plus other dangers that are common in natural lawns.

Advantages of of Artificial Grass for Pets in Reno, NV

Soft and Gentle on the Paws

Dogs love playing, running and relaxing on our synthetic grass! It feels just as soft and lush as the real thing, without sharp twigs, prickly grass and trip hazards.

Pet-Safe Artificial Grass

All of our synthetic turf products are made in the United States, non-toxic and lead-free. They’re also hypoallergenic, which means they won’t trigger allergic reactions for dogs who have grass sensitivities.

No Pests, Fleas and Ticks

Bugs can’t survive on our synthetic lawns, period. This significantly reduces fleas, ticks and other pests that can harm your pet. No pests mean no pesticides as well, which is even better for your pup and your family.

Stronger, Longer-Lasting Grass Blades

Unlike real grass, synthetic turf is incredibly resistant to damage – and that includes wear and tear from digging, scratching, chewing or other destructive pet behaviors. Your dog can play as long as they want and you’ll still be left with a beautiful, lush lawn at the end of the day.

Odor-Fighting Properties

Our turf is designed to actively fight odors from pet waste. The proprietary antimicrobial agents in our synthetic grass work together to reduce bad smells that can occur when dogs urinate on turf. It’s easy to clean, too. Simply pick up solids, hose down urine and residue and clean with a soapy solution if needed to keep odors and bacteria away.

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Our synthetic grass products are designed to be both indoor and outdoor options for any home and safe for pets. From cool, contemporary spaces to warm family rooms, our turf is perfect for indoor living areas, patios, decks, front yards, play areas, backyards and anywhere else that you and your pet spends time in.

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