Fal is a beautiful time of year, especially if your yard has trees. The changing colors of the leaves are a stunning sight. Unfortunately, it will fall and pile up on the ground after some time. This can cause problems for natural grass if you don’t remove them immediately. Fortunately, you can avoid that and still have a beautiful lawn with synthetic turf landscaping in Reno, Nevada.

How Do Fallen Leaves Hurt Natural Lawns?

Fallen leaves don’t just prevent the roots of the grass and the soil from absorbing water, nutrients and fertilizers, but they can also prevent proper air circulation, cause soil problems and reduce the amount of sunlight the grass receives.

Moreover, If you let too many leaves accumulate on your lawn, it can reduce water evaporation. This can promote mold growth and turf diseases. In short, you must remove fallen leaves from your landscaping in Reno, Nevada immediately.

Can Fallen Leaves Ruin Artificial Grass?

No, fallen leaves cannot ruin or damage synthetic turf. In fact, it will still look and feel great even if you don’t remove it from its surface right away.

Unlike real grass in Northern Nevada, artificial turf doesn’t need specific conditions, like proper irrigation, adequate sunlight and fertile soil, to stay healthy. It also has great drainage. So provided that the leaves on top of it are not wet, it won’t stay damp enough to form mold.

Finally, since it’s synthetic, turf diseases cannot infect Reno artificial turf. After all, it doesn’t have any organic matter that can get sick.

How Soon Should You Remove Leaves From Artificial Grass?

Fallen leaves can be an eyesore on your lawn. But you don’t have to worry about them having any adverse effects on your artificial turf.

However, it’s still best that you remove and bag the fallen leaves as soon as you have the time. It can attract insects and rodents to your yard because they offer shelter to these pests in Reno, Sparks.

How to Remove Fallen Leaves From Synthetic Lawns

First of all, don’t use metal rakes. They can cause scratches or tears on the surface of synthetic grass, which could lead to more problems down the road.

Instead, sweep off the leaves with a broom. You can also use a leaf blower to clear out big spaces quickly. Gather them into piles to make it easier to collect them into bags for disposal. If you have a compost pile, you can add the leaves to it.

Artificial Grass in Reno for Hassle-Free Fall Landscaping

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