Your dogs love playing in your yard, but it could be better for them. A lawn will give them plenty to sniff, dig, and explore, but it can also hide things that are bad for them. Hazards range from sharp rocks to annoying ticks and fleas. Fortunately, there’s a fast and hassle-free way to turn your yard into the perfect paradise for your pups. Just cover it with Reno artificial turf.

Artificial grass offers benefits that make yards safer, more fun, and more comfortable for dogs. Here’s why your pups will love it:

It’s Soft and Short

It’s not unusual for dogs to stumble and roll around in your yard. The problem is that bare soil and natural grass aren’t the safest surfaces for them to take a tumble on. They can hide various things that can hurt dogs, such as:

Grass Seeds

Grass produces small, sharp seeds that can stick to your dog’s fur. These seeds are very painful when they burrow into the skin. If you don’t spot and remove them immediately, these seeds can cause serious health problems.

Sharp Objects

Sharp things, such as rocks, twigs, and thorns can hide in the grass. They’re hard to spot among the grass blades. If your dog accidentally step on them, they might get painful scrapes.

In contrast, Reno artificial turf is soft, so your dogs won’t get hurt when they walk, play, or lie on it. Unlike real grass, it doesn’t produce sharp seeds. Synthetic grass is also short and neat, so it’s easy to spot twigs, stones, and other harmful objects that wind up on its surface.

It’s Flat and Even

Artificial lawns are flat and even throughout. This means you can be sure that your dog can walk on it easily and won’t trip over any dips or unevenness in the ground.

Yards and natural grass lawns are rarely even throughout. They often have dips, inclines, and other tripping hazards.

That’s not a problem with fake grass for pets and landscaping in Reno, Nevada. After all, turf installers make sure that the installation site is completely flat before they lay down the infill and turf.

It Repels Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are a perennial problem for dogs. They latch onto dogs, suck their blood, and transmit various diseases. They can cause a wide array of health problems, from anemia to Lyme Disease.

Fortunately, your dogs are less likely to come home with these nasty stowaways if you have a synthetic turf lawn.

Fleas and ticks can’t find shelter in pet turf because it’s neat and short. Moreover, it has water-resistant fibers and an excellent drainage system. So it never forms puddles where these parasites can thrive and reproduce.

Keep Your Dogs Safe and Happy With Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass in Reno

We know you’re excited about the prospect of having a yard that’s safe for your dog and beautiful all at once.

That’s why we only offer artificial turf products that are pet-friendly and pet-proof here at Reno Artificial Grass. Dogs can’t damage or dig through it, and their urine can’t stain or burn it.

You can also count on us for expert installation and landscaping services. So if you need us to set up the lawn for you, just fill out our contact form or give us a call at  775-514-6889.