If you’re planning to invest in a backyard putting green as a training aid, then you may wonder whether you can use it for chipping practice as well. Serious golfers know that chipping is as important as putting. Chipping is a short, high-accuracy shot that has the potential to save par and win holes. And the answer is yes, you can certainly use artificial grass in Reno for chipping practice!

Benefits of Practicing Your Chip Shots on a Backyard Putting Green

  1. 1. You can easily monitor consistency using your yardage markers.

    The best chippers are consistent, which is not a simple thing to achieve. One of the best things about artificial grass in Reno is that you can customize it with features like yardage markers.

    These markers are essential for developing consistency. If you know you can hit it within a few feet of the hole, every time, then your chipping will improve no matter how often you practice.

  2. 2. You can practice different chip shots with ease.

    Aside from yardage markers, you can also customize a synthetic putting green with other features for practicing various chip shots. Such as mounds, fringes and bunkers.

  3. 3. A backyard putting green provides instant feedback.

    When you land a chip shot on the green, you’ll know immediately if it was successful. Instant feedback is integral to learning anything new—and chipping has plenty of variables that can be difficult to learn without it.

  4. 4. You can practice your short game in privacy.

    Many amateur golfers struggle with chipping and pitching because they get too self-conscious when practicing in front of others. You can make your putting green as private as you want with fences, hedges and privacy walls so you can work on your game until you’re comfortable enough to hit the links.

  5. 5. You can practice chipping in any weather.

    Reno artificial turf is weather-resistant and so are synthetic putting greens. That means you can chip and putt in the rain, sun and wind. You can even practice at night if you want.

What Other Skills Can You Practice on a Putting Green?

Aside from chip shots, a backyard putting green is a great way to practice a variety of other techniques:

Fringe play: Since the fringe is often the shortest route from the fairway to the hole, many golfers make it part of their chipping strategy. Learning how to hit your approach shot onto the fringe will help you shrink your lag putts, which will help you save shots around the green.

Lag putting: When practicing lag putting on a backyard green, it’s important to set up as close to the hole as possible so you can work on getting the ball in the right position for your next putt.

Putting drills: You can set up yardage markers or fringe all around the green to practice a putting drill. Start by standing on one side of the green and try going from one hole to another in a path that crosses each marker.

All of these are a great way to get more comfortable with pace control, distance and accuracy on the green – all while you have some fun outside!

Design Your Ideal Putting Green in Reno, NV

We know you’re wondering – can you really have a backyard putting green that’s this good? With Reno Artificial Grass, yes, you definitely can!

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We also work with commercial clients in Reno for putting greens, putting courses and other golf-related landscaping. If you own an apartment, retail or office complex and want to attract new customers (especially in the summer), consider adding a putting green or golf-themed landscaping to your property.

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