Many pet parents in Reno are unaware of the potential diseases that their dogs can contract right in their own yards. From parasites to allergens, there’s a slew of health risks lurking in natural grass. Fortunately, you have the power to protect your pets with artificial grass for pets in Reno. Synthetic turf offers a safer, cleaner alternative to natural grass, helping mitigate the following risks:

1. Parvovirus

One of the most dangerous viruses dogs can contract from their yards is the parvovirus. This highly infectious disease spreads through contact with infected dog feces or from the virus lingering in the soil. 

Puppies, with their still-developing immune systems, are particularly vulnerable. Once a dog is infected, the virus causes severe gastrointestinal issues, including vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and even anorexia. Without immediate veterinary intervention, parvovirus can prove fatal. 

The benefits of artificial grass in such cases are evident. Unlike natural soil, artificial turf does not harbor parvovirus. Moreover, artificial grass is easy to clean and sanitize, ensuring that any traces of the virus are promptly removed, providing your dog with a safe play environment.

2. Hookworms

Hookworms are another peril dogs may encounter in their yards. These parasites dwell in soil contaminated by the feces of infected dogs. 

The infection begins when a dog either inadvertently ingests infected soil or the hookworm larvae penetrate the skin on their paws. Symptoms of hookworms can vary but typically include anemia, weight loss, and diarrhea, and the disease can be severe in puppies. 

Reno artificial turf offers a straightforward solution. By replacing the soil, the environment where hookworms thrive is eliminated. The smooth surface and ease of cleaning further deter any potential hookworm infestations, safeguarding your pet’s health.

3. Lyme Disease

Ticks, the carriers of Lyme disease, thrive in tall grasses and dense vegetation – the typical characteristics of many natural yards. 

Once a tick attaches to a dog, it transmits the disease, leading to symptoms like fever, joint swelling, and lethargy. If left untreated, it can cause serious issues such as kidney problems and heart disease. 

Artificial grass offers protection by denying ticks the environment they need to survive. Its short, uniform length and lack of organic material discourage ticks, significantly reducing the risk of Lyme disease transmission.

4. Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is a severe condition where worms inhabit a dog’s heart, lungs, and blood vessels. The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, which often breed in stagnant water found in yards. As heartworms grow, they can cause heart failure, lung disease, and other organ damage. 

Artificial turf in Reno, NV can help combat this disease by promoting proper water drainage, thus eliminating the standing water where mosquitoes breed. In this way, the turf indirectly reduces the risk of your dog contracting heartworm disease.

5. Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that dogs can contract when they come in contact with the urine of infected animals, which can contaminate water and soil in your yard. Symptoms can vary greatly but  include fever, vomiting, and even kidney or liver failure. 

The role of artificial grass in preventing this disease is two-fold. First, it’s much easier to clean and disinfect than natural grass, reducing the chance of any harmful bacteria remaining. Second, artificial grass’s efficient drainage system prevents urine and water from stagnating, thereby reducing the possibility of bacterial buildup.

6. Allergies

Allergies are often overlooked but can cause significant discomfort to your dog. Dogs can develop allergies to various outdoor substances, including grass, pollen, and mold spores. These allergies can cause symptoms like skin irritation, itching, and respiratory issues. 

Artificial grass for pets in Reno is hypoallergenic and can reduce these symptoms. By replacing the source of allergens with artificial grass, it can help keep your dog comfortable, happy, and itch-free.

7. Flea Infestation

Fleas are a common problem in yards. They thrive in shady, humid places and can easily infest your yard, hopping onto your dog whenever they get the chance. Fleas cause intense itching and can even transmit diseases. In some cases, dogs are allergic to flea saliva, causing severe skin irritation. 

Artificial grass can help prevent flea infestations as it lacks the organic material and shaded areas that fleas need for survival.

Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy!

As a responsible pet owner, you want to provide the safest environment for your furry friend. With artificial grass for pets in Reno, you can significantly reduce the risk of these common diseases that dogs can contract in yards.

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