Can dogs pee on synthetic turf in Reno? Yes, they absolutely can! In fact, artificial turf is a great surface for dogs to poop or pee on. Unlike natural grass, it doesn’t become muddy and soiled from dog urine. It’s one of the many reasons why it’s a great alternative to sod and real turf for pet areas.

Get the lowdown on why pet pee is no match for synthetic turf with the answers to these frequently asked questions:

What Happens When a Dog Pees on Synthetic Grass?

When pets pee on synthetic turf, their urine soaks the turf and leaves behind an unpleasant odor.

However, this smell will not be as pungent on synthetic grass as it is on natural grass or your living room carpet. This is because the fibers of artificial grass are porous, which lets liquids drain through the material.

Can Dog Urine Damage Synthetic Grass?

No, it cannot. Synthetic turf is impervious to dog urine because it’s made of nylon and polyethylene. This material combination makes it impossible for dog urine to penetrate through the fibers or backing material.

Even when your dogs pee a lot on your artificial grass in Reno, the liquid will simply drain through the backing.

Can Dog Urine Stain Artificial Grass?

The answer to this question is no. While it is true that dog urine can stain other materials like natural grass, this won’t be a problem with artificial grass.

Dog urine can’t stain synthetic grass because it’s made up of sturdy materials that are encapsulated in latex. This unique combination of materials makes it impossible for pet waste to soak into the synthetic grass and leave stains.

Will The Smell of Pet Urine Always Remain in Artificial Grass?

No, it will not! In fact, you can easily clean up dog urine from artificial grass due to the product being porous.

Thanks to the perforations in the turf, liquid drains right through. This means that there is no standing water for bacteria to grow and multiply. As a result, there will be no unpleasant smells associated with a natural lawn.

Want to take extra measures to keep bad smells away from your synthetic turf landscaping in Reno Nevada? You can invest in a deodorizing infill.

How Do You Clean Dog Urine From Synthetic Grass?

To clean the area, begin by spraying the area with your garden hose to dilute the ammonia concentration in the urine. This will also wash away any waste that is present on the surface.

Next, mix one part vinegar with four parts water and soak up the solution using a sponge or towel. Once you have soaked up as much liquid as possible, spray the area again with water to remove any leftover debris or cleaning solution.

You can also use an enzymatic cleaner. These cleaners use enzymes to break down dog waste, which makes it easy to clean up.

Keep Your Pet Areas Safe From Dog Urine With Premium Synthetic Turf in Reno

Whether you want to beautify your pet area or upgrade your dog’s bathroom spots, you can’t go wrong with using artificial turf.

Here at Reno Artificial Grass, we have an excellent array of durable synthetic grass for dogs. We also offer expert installation services to help you set up and enjoy your installation in the shortest time possible.

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